Tennessee River Flood Stages Data

Tennessee River at Savannah
362Camper lots at Big River Plantation Resort are beginning to flood.
363House and camper lots along Prong Doe Creek in Saltillo are flooding.
--- National Weather Service (NWS) Action Stage - Flood Advisory issued ---
365Cornstalk Road going to Nightingale Lane is flooded at Cypress Pond Slough.
366Campsites along Towboat Lane are flooding.
368House lots on the north end of Emerald Lane at Hooker's Bend are beginning to flood. Water is backing into most sloughs.
369Box Elder Drive is flooding just east of the bridge over Beason Creek. Stadium Drive is flooded at Musselers Lane.
--- National Weather Service (NWS) Flood Stage - Flood Warning issued ---
370Coffee Landing Road is flooding just north of Beason Creek and toward Box Elder Drive. Campsites just north of the mouth of Beason Creek are flooding. Box Elder Drive is flooded. Access to sites along Bargeview Lane is cut off. Diamond Island Drive is flooded at Mud Creek just west of Gammill Slough Road. West end of Cross Pond Road is flooding. Slough just east of Wilkenson Ferry Drive across the river from Satillo is beginning to flood.
371Federal Road is flooded at Lick Creek north of Hamburg. Parts of Lacefield Drive are covered by flood water.
372Evacuation road from Big River Plantation Resort is flooded. Most evacuation roads in bottom lands near Savannah are inundated.
373Coffee Landing Road is under 3 ft of water at some places
374Intersection of Towboat Lane
--- National Weather Service (NWS) Moderate Flood Stage ---
375Road going north from Catfish Lane to Coffee Landing Road is flooded near the Highway 64 bridge. Sections of Coffee Landing Road are under 5 feet of water.
376Wilkinson Ferry Drive is flooded near the river. Resort lots by the edge of the Tennessee River are beginning to flood along Wilkinson Ferry Drive across from Saltillo. Access to Bridgeview Estates from the northeast is cutoff due to flooding just south of Highway 64. Evacuation route from the camper sites on the south end of Riverside Lane in Crump is flooding. Water on Coffee Landing Road is just north of Lemert Road.
377Wayne Jerrolds River Park boat launch parking lot is totally flooded.
378Coffee Landing Road is flooded. Most all lots at Big River Plantation Resort are flooded. West end of Hamilton Rock Lane is covered.
379Lemert Road is flooding. Low area on Clover Drive just west of the intersection with Emerald Drive is flooded at Hooker's Bend. First Pittsburg Drive is flooded at Bethel Branch.
380Much of Coffee Landing Road is covered by 10 feet of water. Slough between Catfish Lane and the riverbank is flooded cutting off many campsites near the east end of Catfish Lane. Intersection of Clover Drive and Emerald Lane is inundated. Low spot toward south end of Vista River Lane is flooded. Houses north of Crump boat ramp are flooding. Riverside Lane is flooding at the top of the boat ramp near Riverheights Catfish Restaurant. Entrance to Connie Beth Lane hooking up with Clifton Road is flooded.
381Many houses on Emerald Lane are flooded. Intersection of RV Park and Old Ferry Roads is covered. Easternmost parts of parking lot at Hagy's Catfish Restaurant is flooding. Many river lots at east end of Catfish Lane are flooding. Highest cropland along the river is flooded.
382Intersection of James Hardin Road and Senator Cobb Road is flooded. Most all of James Hardin Road is floodednorth of the intersection of James Hardin Road and Senator Cobb Road.
383Most houses on Emerald Lane are flooded. Riveredge sites along Vista River Lane are flooded. Cross Pond Road is flooded almost to the east end of the road.
384Shoreline Road and Main Street intersection in Saltillo is covered. Point Way at campsite south of Satillo is under water. Catfish Lane camper sites are flooded. Water is getting the west end of Boat Street.
385Junction of Lemert Road and Old Ferry Road is under water. Cove Lane and Coleman Drive intersection is flooded. Westernmost part of Catfish Lane by the hill at Riverheights is flooded.
386Highway 69 at Prong Doe Creek just north of Satillo is flooded. Edgehill is flooding.
387Parking lot of Hagy Catfish Restaurant is mostly flooded.
--- National Weather Service (NWS) Major Flood Stage ---
388East end of Main Street in Satillo west of Satillo Landing Cafe is flooded. Water has reached north foundation of the Riverheights Catfish Restaurant.
389Saltillo Landing Cafe begins to flood. Exit route from Hagy Catfish Restaurant is flooded.
390West end of Emerald Lane is flooding.
391Riverside Drive at Dill Branch in Shiloh National Military Park is flooding.
392Second floor of houses on stilts is flooding all along the river. North end of Dorthy Lane at Campsite is beginning to flood. Many houses are flooded at Campsite.
396Water is getting into the second floor of Riverheights Restaurant at Crump.
401.2This is the flood of record prior to Pickwick Dam installation.

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